Thursday, January 08, 2009

Annie is the matriarch of the feline family... she's an old trollop... a stray that the old man Winter Cat brought home one day and left her here in our care while he went off again on his merry wild tomcat way. She was a wild woman and the old man dropped her off barefoot and pregnant. I don't know where she had them, but when her kittens were just about weaned, she brought them in through the cat door one by one and left them. She'd sneak in during the dead of night and nurse them and take off again like a rocket if she heard anyone move about in the house. Anyway, long story short, one day she just decided we were okay and weren't gonna eat her and she moved in to stay. Now she's royalty around here and is full of cuddly, snuggly appreciation. She's also getting senile in her old age and plays the roll of jester as well as queen.

This morning as the sun streamed through the window she decided that the terrarium I had just cleaned out looked like a nice cozy sun-room. The opening into the glass case is only about three inches wide. Annie is fat. It took her several minutes and a lot of determination but somehow she finally squeezed in. She was quite pleased with herself until she decided she wanted to get back out again! LOL! I tried using the video on my camera for that spectacle but it turned out too dark to see.

Lucious Fiberness

I had started to knit a new neck-wrap a few weeks ago. I fell absolutely in LOVE with the yarn... it's beautiful and soft, a gift from Cynjon. I just couldn't get into the groove of the actual knitting though for some reason. I'd do a short row or two, get distracted and leave it. Last night I picked it up again, did a couple more rows and noticed something... a really cool surprise! The color of the yarn was shifting... transitioning to rose! The rose with the moss green is soooo beautiful, I had to make better use of it. I frogged out all the knitting and went and got one of my tri-looms to better showcase the colors. The gradual way the color shifts and blends gives it almost an iridescent kind of look as you move it. Gorgeous...

I wish you could reach in and touch it... it's soft as a cloud. I'm just getting ready to go out and full it just enough to bloom the fiber a bit and lock the weave. From the end of the ball I've crocheted a blossom sort of thing that i'll use as a fastener. I probably won't get to finish it up until next week.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Blogger templates

Oh wow... I might have to do some redecorating here too since I found all these incredible templates...

Testing 123

Checking to see if I can connect and post okay through my journal app, Semagic. Now if I could just figure out if there is a way to post through to all 3 journals at once I'd be verrry happy...

Still working out a few kinks

I never did get back to figuring out why I have a problem with the way photos post on here. Maybe I need a different layout entirely? My photos all get cut off on the right side... by quite a lot. I guess I can just be extra careful about the size of the photos I use on here and figure exactly how many px wide they can be. But that's an extra step and extra time I'd rather not bother with. When I tried just resizing a couple at one point, all that happened was the photo shifted to the right and it was *still* cut off.

I've added blogs I watch to my page in the sidebar. That will never work as a substitute for my friends page in LJ I realize. I don't think having 20 or more excerpts in that bar will work out very well.

Everything here loads so darn slow... tedious.

I hate that I can't reply to comments in a "thread" style and can only add replies to the end of all the comments instead of to specific comments. Unless that's changed in the past year or unless I'm just missing something or a setting of some kind.

Okay enough of my whining I guess. I don't think LJ will *really* totally bite the dust but it could still happen in the future. I do still need to be here a little more often and keep up with peeps that hang out here though. I really would like to learn to "love" blogger eventually.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My annual "check in"

I thought I should drop in and say hello... to myself. LOL! Things are a little tense over at LJ as we wonder if it's the beginning of the end... I figure I better warm up my seat over here just in case...