Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yea, I'm easy

I'm SO excited!!!!

I've been wanting to try a flowering tea for... forever... well, a really long time. I saw them at the co-op last year but they were sooo expensive. Well, today I said I deserved a treat and paid five bucks for a sample pack of four blossoms. Heck, a cup of tea at a diner costs a buck so it's not THAT bad. I couldn't wait to try it... I wasn't going to spend twelve bucks on the adorable little round pot so I wasn't sure what I was going to brew it in. The tea fairies were smiling on me though and when I stopped at the thrift store next, I found a little mini coffee carafe! It worked just fine. :-) I'm thrilled to bits... not only is the tea absolutely beautiful, it tastes exquisite!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just testing something out here...

I was wondering if I can copy entries from other blogs or journals over here. They'll be all out of oder, date wise... unless someone can point me to a way to back date entries like I can in other programs... oooh I might have just found it...
Now to see if this works....


Yesterday I went up to Mom's and played a bit at my spinning wheel and finished my first spool of "yarn". LOL!!! I use the term loosely... By the end of the spool it was getting better, but the whole thing's full of knurls and curls and fluffs and bumps. It's really SWEET though with all it's blemishes!
Last night I dyed it a pretty, earthy sort of rusty olive shade and it's stretching and drying now.

There's not many yards there, but I'll have to make some sort of little whimsy from it, to commemorate my first yarn not using a hand spindle. I better use it before I look back at it and decide it's too embarrassing to use. LOL!!!! (Alden Amos says so. LOL!!!)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Warm things on a cold night

Back in August (I think it was August... or September...)  I told you about
the felt play-day we had with a new felter who lives near by.  I told about
the mittens I demonstrated for her... traditional wet felt over a resist.
Well, they came out so nice that Mom immediately laid claim to them.
LOL!!!   I had forgotten all about them and hadn't taken any pictures.   I
was at Mom's house yesterday and she had the mittens out as she's been
wearing them so I asked her to take a picture.

They are soft and very warm and silly me forgot to make another pair for
myself!  LOL!!!  They are real "work horse" mittens and the best thing about
them is that if they should get damaged or wear out in any spot, they can
easily be repaired good as new with some needle felting.