Thursday, January 08, 2009

Lucious Fiberness

I had started to knit a new neck-wrap a few weeks ago. I fell absolutely in LOVE with the yarn... it's beautiful and soft, a gift from Cynjon. I just couldn't get into the groove of the actual knitting though for some reason. I'd do a short row or two, get distracted and leave it. Last night I picked it up again, did a couple more rows and noticed something... a really cool surprise! The color of the yarn was shifting... transitioning to rose! The rose with the moss green is soooo beautiful, I had to make better use of it. I frogged out all the knitting and went and got one of my tri-looms to better showcase the colors. The gradual way the color shifts and blends gives it almost an iridescent kind of look as you move it. Gorgeous...

I wish you could reach in and touch it... it's soft as a cloud. I'm just getting ready to go out and full it just enough to bloom the fiber a bit and lock the weave. From the end of the ball I've crocheted a blossom sort of thing that i'll use as a fastener. I probably won't get to finish it up until next week.


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Perry said...

Gorgeous colorway. Please post a picture of it after it's done?