Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Still working out a few kinks

I never did get back to figuring out why I have a problem with the way photos post on here. Maybe I need a different layout entirely? My photos all get cut off on the right side... by quite a lot. I guess I can just be extra careful about the size of the photos I use on here and figure exactly how many px wide they can be. But that's an extra step and extra time I'd rather not bother with. When I tried just resizing a couple at one point, all that happened was the photo shifted to the right and it was *still* cut off.

I've added blogs I watch to my page in the sidebar. That will never work as a substitute for my friends page in LJ I realize. I don't think having 20 or more excerpts in that bar will work out very well.

Everything here loads so darn slow... tedious.

I hate that I can't reply to comments in a "thread" style and can only add replies to the end of all the comments instead of to specific comments. Unless that's changed in the past year or unless I'm just missing something or a setting of some kind.

Okay enough of my whining I guess. I don't think LJ will *really* totally bite the dust but it could still happen in the future. I do still need to be here a little more often and keep up with peeps that hang out here though. I really would like to learn to "love" blogger eventually.


Kelli said...

I have found that
"Google Reader" is the best way to keep up with b-logs.

I hope lj is not going to disapear.
I can move to one of the clons, but everyone I watch will probably scatter to all different ones.
I don't want to have to use more than one. I like the way lj works.
Though you can make journal entries appear on the google reader.

It's just Raven said...

If I'm reallllly desperate I can use google reader. I don't like it... it takes forever to load here on my rural dial-up connection and I don't like the interface but if I do get desperate I can use it.... though I'll probably whine. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

When you're uploading pics, be sure to select "center" as your placement option, otherwise they get chopped! (depending on which template you use, that is...some don't, some do)

It took me a while to get used to the format, but now I actually like it! Nope, it's not LJ, but it is it's own fun beast.